WATS Server release 2015.1

WATS Server 2015.1 (version 4.2.12) is now available.

Major Feature areas of the release:

  • Test step yield and analysis
    • Step time report (chart)
    • Run details
    • Western electronics rules
    • New chart (scroll/zoom)
    • Details on other steps (Boolean, string)
  • Root Cause module out of beta
  • Connection & Execution time report
  • New dashboard component: RCA
  • Manual Inspection – New features
    • Step types (Wait, Set Process)
    • Run without repair
  • Workflow
    • Timing properties (WIP Point activity)
    • Media/PDF support (WIP Point and User Input activity)

Known Issues

  • Sub unit grouping issue in UUR report. Sub unit is listed as many times as the amount of registered failures on it. This issue is fixed in release 2015.2.
  • OutOfMemoryException can occur in GRR Analysis and UUT report. This is due to a bug in a scatter chart component, supplied by a 3rd party software company. They are currently investigating, and we hope to have a bug fix offered in near future.
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