WATS Client 4.2




  • max-ole.wittussen

    Do you have any documentation for the LabVIEW toolkit update?

    The WATS_TDM_XYGraphMultipleNumericLimitTest has been modified, and I cannot seem to find any documentation about this ...


  • Martin Lentz

    A number of the WATS Vis were updated recently to have a more streamlined interface across the range of VIs. For this release Polymorphic VIs were added to give you the possibility to choose between the legacy interface, i.e. identical to earlier releases, and the updated interface. The way data is handled in the VIs hasn't changed.

    We have realised that this has caused a bit of inconvenience for our legacy customers, as the polymorphic VIs default to the new interface.

    Best Regards


  • Tom Andres Lomsdalen


    We will change this and release a new client with "default" legacy support. I'll notify you when the release is available (expected this week).

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