Yield reports (App data)

The App area in the rest API can be used to retrieve simple yield reports. Navigate to https://your-server-address/swagger/ui/index#/App for a list of available queries.


Worst yield - example:

The worst yield query returns a list of yield calculations ordered by the worst yield. The result contains a list of part number, process, yield, count and trend (yield compared to previous period). 

GET request:
[{ "partNumber": "285767", "process": "PCBA Test", "totalCount": 2, "fpy": 0.5, "fpyColor": "ff0000", "fpyTrend": -0.46849087893864017 }, { "partNumber": "242100.410", "process": "Final Function Test", "totalCount": 21, "fpy": 0.5714285714285714, "fpyColor": "ff0000", "fpyTrend": -0.39010989010989017 }]


Required parameters:

days : number of days to include (integer), ex 7.

productGroupId : productGroup filter (integer), -1 = unspecified

levelId : level filter (integer), -1 = unspecified


Note, level and product groups can be retrieved with the following two requests:



The worst yield query is also available as POST request. Define and add a wats filter to the body.

The worst yield query supports the following filters:

productGroup, level, partNumber, batchNumber, stationName, maxCount, minCount, operationType, dateFrom, dateTo.


POST request:
"serialNumber": "123456789",
"partNumber": "123",
"revision": "a",
"dateFrom": "2017-06-23T08:59:39.278Z"


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