Get WSXF Report

To retrieve a specific report use the WSXF action with the report's unique identifier (Guid):


The report guid can be found using the query method (see

Refer to for details on the WSXF format.

You can reduce the amount of data returned by specifying detail level in the request. The detail level is an integer between 0 and 7, where 0 is report identification values only, and 7 is all available data including binary data like attachments and chartdata.

It is recommended to use as low detaillevel as possible to increase performance and reduce the workload and datatransfer.


Level Name Description
0 Report identification Report identifying data (Type,ID,PN,SN,StartUTC and Process-code)
1 Header data All report header data only, excluding subparts and miscinfo
2 Header related All report header data only, including subparts and miscinfo
3 Root step Root-step, including sequence info
4 Step data All steps, but no measurements 
5 undefined
6 Measurements All step data and measurements, excluding plotdata
7 Full report All step data and measurements, including plotdata



returns headerdata, subpart and miscinfo for the given reportid.

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