WATS Server release 2017.2

WATS Server 2017.2 is now available.
skyWATS.com accounts will be updated gradually within one month.

Major Feature areas of the release (see attached PDF for details):

  • New Android/iOS app
  • Improved report processing algorithm
  • Improved print functionality in Test Step yield & Analysis
  • Excel export buttons above data grids
  • Support for machine status overview in the rest API
  • Performance enhancements and bugfixes


Known Issues.

  • #3945 - Data grids appears hidden when running Chrome version 62.0.3202.62 (and greater) on Windows 10 v1703(Build 15063.674 and greater). skyWATS is upgraded as soon the fix is ready. Workaround: Zoom in/out or hit the apply button a second time.  
  • #3813 - Load time increased heavily on the Control Panel (initialize) and the new “Advanced View” in Test step yield and analysis.
    Root/Cause: A new upcoming feature was partly integrated into the 2017.2 release. This new feature is a translation module allowing to translate all system GUI language.
  • #3715 - Step details print and share: export PDF fails.
  • #3836 - WWF Designer doesn't open workflow definition for some IE versions
  • #3914 - Additional Results not showing from some steps
  • #3817 - "High number of pending reports" message in information system 
    Root/Cause: Once an "alarm" is set (happening in the Event Log), it will notify User even if the problem is fixed (or fixed itself). A better description in the alarm message (like date occurred) would help this.
    Also, the "Alarm" message is set on each User, meaning that if you dismiss the message, it may still appear to another User with the same Level.
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