Using WATS Mobile App for On Premise installations.

The WATS Mobile App is compatible with both skyWATS and on-premise installations (version 2017.1 or later).



You must have access to your WATS server in order to use the app with an on-premise installation. 

On premise installations are often secured behind firewalls or accessible from internal networks only. You may also need a VPN connection. Please contact your local IT department if you are having trouble reaching the WATS server.

Tip: You may check your connectivity with the WATS server by navigating to the server address from your web browser on your mobile.


Step 1: Launch the app and select LOGIN TO ON-PREMISES SOLUTION



Step 2: Enter your WATS server address and login credentials (remember http:// ). SIGN IN.



Step 3: Your WATS dashboard! See overview for more details.



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