WATS WWF Designer

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The WATS WWF designer (desktop application) is required to design workflows and manual inspection sequences.

Click "Install Designer" to download the installation file.


The setup is a regular msi wizard, double click the file and complete the wizard.

You are ready to start designing once the setup is completed.


Open the designer 

Select a workflow/sequence in the manager's tree-view (or create a new one) and click the Design button in the toolbar.

A .watswwf file will will be downloaded to your computer and loaded in the WATS WWF designer. Note, you may need to click the downloaded file.



You should configure your browser to automatically open .watswwf files in the designer.


Google Chrome

Check the Always open files of this type, and click Open. 



Choose Open with WATS WWF designer and check the "Do this automatically for files like this from now on".



You have two options to open the designer in Internet Explorer (ClickOnce or desktop application).

- Click the Design (ClickOnce) button to launch a ClickOnce version of the designer.

- Click the Design (App) button to launch the desktop application. Choose Save and Open when prompted.




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